Thursday, 15 June 2017

Just to say a Hi!

Hello everyone!
Just a Hi to say Hello...
Sorry I been hiding again! Been doing lots reading and tidy up some old posts, should be family friendly now! :-) I will blog more do more recipes after my hospital treatment if battery is fit. Can dreamer win this time with Trigeminal neuralgia? And with all other friends from God, Dreamer is a little worry with her hospital treatment. And what a mess she did with her date, not really want to cancel but hubby already booked a week off from work and we didn't have much holiday for the past ten years, it's our third holidays this two days cottage we booked, so it's nice to go some where before the operation, Dr. did said... before X'mas or earlier when I asked, didn't know it's that early... end of June. Makes me worry, am I that ill. Well, after a week or so, I feel much better now, mood is good, don't feel that low. Dreamer is a fighter!

Going for pre-op assessment tomorrow. I hope all is well and a new date is on its way soon to remove the silly lump in my head, HELP God! I only just begin to enjoy life! My bnb... keep your door shut!