Saturday, 18 February 2017

Take care your eye

I have two hours, can I get there in time Dr. asked. Went to see my GP Thursday about my eye, he booked me in to see the eye Dr. Can you get there in time? 1.15pm, that quick! I take the bus, hubby got to work. I didn't worry too much last September when the eye have a black dot first time, hubby was with me, we waited a very long time, it's weekend . Eye Dr. told me the black dot is call floater, no treatment need, brain will get use to it, it's the age thing. I call the floater my black angels! They come to look after me! :-) To think back, I can tell my eye is crying for help for sometime, I can feel the dry in the eye. I am very worry this time when eye Dr. want to see me again next week or earlier if more angel show up. God, be kind can you? Let me work a bit more on my dreams, I only just start enjoy life!

My phone ring when I was on the bus to hospital. It's brother in-law, both my sisters and hubby are in town. WOW! :-) My heart tell the heart... I am still upset with both my sisters. "I am on my way to see my Eye Dr." I told him. It was half day gone past when I got home, don't know how long they been waiting outside. Why don't they call first, we all tired now, I text them go home. Don't know how long they been waiting out side, nearly have a heart attack, they didn't stay long, left me some yummy from Hong Kong. I want to keep my straight face to my two dear sisters but the smile the look melted my anger! All the hate and anger have put away... in the back drawer.

I am taking my dreams for a rest now... I had make mistake in the past, I learned. Life isn't fair, some are lucky, some need work hard. Never give up your dreams, not all come true but they keep you going, I had a few makes me proud, make some people jealous, I love my dreams...