Monday, 29 February 2016

Father in-law RIP

Father in-law past away early this morning. Talking to myself the night before he left this world, I will hold my tear, just like I did to my dad. I can't stop tear run down in funerals, even to people hardly know, I cried nearly all day when my big grand-ma die, I hardly know this grand-ma, she hardly visit us. But I cry none stop nearly all day in her funeral, My other grand-ma hate me cry... she light up matches to stop me crying, and that don't help, no tear in the end but I still cry! I am long wind when I cry. No one can stop me, pain in the butt I am sometimes when I was a little girl. There isn't a drop over my own dad's. My love to him turn to hate, one is my own dad and one is my father in-law, both I do love very much. I know they love me too, but their love are selfish! They only care about themselves? Did they think about us? Pain they dump behind... well, I shouldn't get it all out again, a lot of you already heard read about my pain my hate my moan too many times. I don't want to born you people again in this post. For more read visit: Mei's writer dream. Enjoy!

Good bye g-dad! Rest in Peace. It's my father in-law, I like follow hubby and daughter call him g-dad. He is a very kind man in many ways... he is a real English gentleman, he will hold door for lady, he have all the English gentleman manner, not many like him this day, he is kind in many ways, and he is helpful never say no to anyone and he is clever too he can fix many things if you need a hand. 

But I still want to say... he is the world worst father in-law, All he think is about himself. 17 years living under his roof I lost my hubby and my only daughter, his use his love and spoil steal their heart. I lost my hubby and my only daughter. I will never forget his love, forgive him? I think I had done that, I will not be here talking to you two if I am still angry! I once said to him and hubby. How many live with in-law these days... we are doing not bad, I am proud to say. 

I Hate people stamp you on just a little things they read online... so and so are difficult to live with... That really put me off when I hear that, you can't hit everyone on the same boat. Lots people smoke, drink, take drug with the illness, did I? I am too easy... 

Well, I don't know what I try to do with this post, but anyway, RIP g-dad, Love you! I love you more then my dad, you never moan, you care, you help me many things when I need a hand, yes, you had many things I hate, but you're gone now, I let you off! Miss you G-DAD!

Monday, 22 February 2016

My little sis...

I am please my little sis are with me yesterday, I change my mind, I call her not to come down, I don't want to go out for Dim Sum, I am very sleepy, I want to charge my battery ready for work on Monday, half term is over, and my battery is like a dead one, I need beauty sleep to charge up, I am really sleepy yesterday, I can sleep all day. I am feeling much better now after all the writing and moan. I text little sis not to come down. She didn't reply, dont know she read my message or not, so I call her at home, her hubby answer the phone, she should be with you by now, may be she gone shopping, but that take her time, I am a little worry now, the road isn't a easy road from her to my. And her mb phone number dont work, so I call her hubby again for her new mb number.

Thank GOD, she turn up just a minute I put the phone down, look like she been shopping all the shop! I ask did you got my message and why dont you reply? I know why now, she like to see her poor bigsis... but poor bigsis need her beauty sleep. Well, we did have fun and nice to have her with me, she show me how to make pot sticker, I don't like pot sticker, but she make me some last time they are very very nice, I enjoy pot sticker now and ask her show me how, mmmuuuuu... yum! Love you little sis! Thank you for all you do. bigsis xxx (edited)