Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Change my thinking...

Donation did light up some spark
Just hope spark bring light
Help go pass the long dark tunnel

Not very keen with the word DONATION too
But words with hubby other day
changed my thinking
Donation is a free adv
Promote business
Help the need 
Show off
You get notice
Bring in business
Money are well spend then pay adv
you are helping the need
makes you feel good
I give donation a big...

Monday, 29 December 2014

My best Christmas...

I did had a lovely Christmas with family and friends this year, a little panic on Christmas morning, don't know why, all the mood and confident had gone out my mind and body, feel weak all over, nearly lost the confident to drive, feeling my friends polarbear are all over me hugging me... want me to go with them. It feel like a panic attack, take me whole morning just wrap two little presents I left from the night before. I am no good to do anything now, can I go back to work next week. Tear start running down like a tap thinking of the future. Well, thank GOD the mood had pick up a bit toward my little brother's party. And surprised I didn't fall asleep this year on the sofa. Boxing day had my brother and his family over for a turkey dinner hubby cooked. I am a princess for a changed. No cleaning no cooking, world's luckiest woman. LOL... 





click here: Merry Christmas 2014 for more photos. Enjoy!


Not really want to post this, but the rock are getting heavy, I just want to be understand... 

I hope this is just me being sensitive... I feel like I am under the category on the subject other night in the party - Donation. The conversation makes me feel like I was being put in that category... "Donation is a way of showing off!" but we can't paint everyone with the same brush. I feel I am being painted with the same brush when that said. I would love to say a few words but I swallow back instead. I don't want to make a mess in the party... :-)

MRW charity lunch is not only for charity. Original it's call Mei's diner to hope show off some frozen ready meal to support myself living on my own, so I can give up my cleaning work for school. The lump at my back will not take me to our dad the GOD, I got to carry on fighting to stay alive few more years in this www with my polarbear and being on my own most my time with out my family is so hard to think and cope each day and the size like a tennis ball lump at my back is killing me with all the other medi I need to take, God keep showering on me with all kind of friends, sorry God, got to find something to blame... and you're the only one won't fight back... or is it... all those friends you shower on me is a fight back? :-) Each day my body battery feel like going home too, I don't know how long I can keep up cleaning work, I am 57 come up but I really feel like over 100 now this past few years, with all the illness god gave me and the medi I need to take, makes me tired all day long, had days I don't see any fun to keep going, why can't I be the lucky one like some others... follow our father the GOD to hell... or where ever he is. My battery had its time with the www. Never give up need to call an end now for my dreams, I hope I can manage one more charity lunch before I say good bye to MRW charity lunch. Dream is dream... they're good for hope, hope help you look forward in life. But there are times, we need to let some go... and not all dream can come true, we need to know that... but do keep dreaming, you never know what tomorrow will bring. Not really want to bring this post up but the mood are like yoyo lately and keeping inside my head don't make polarbear easy, my polarbear friend love my home, I have no peace lately at home with polarbear. God... get him out! I hope this post will get the rock off my chest. I had enough holding on... get that rock off GOD!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Seasons Greetings

Wishing all my friends and readers
Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

Lots of Love