Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Katy-Mei Photoblog

Hello everyone! Mei been busy building a new blog for her photos... nearly think I am going nut again! Never give up work again! A photo blog I been trying to build for ages! I let too many things drag! I had days I wish I can have another brain I can ask for help sit next to me! Don't know how many time I had fail and tried, its nearly there... one more go, again and again till I got it right. I must be crazy mad want this blog finish, I have two days working none stop day and night not one mins sleep. I tried again and again too many times, to see how things work to build my new photo blog. I am so glad I got this far. I still got my stubborn mind like the old days when I tried to knit with pattern, with very little English I managed learn to knit all by myself. Dreaming to knit is a very old dream since I was a little girl watch my neighbour knit, I wish I can knit one day... That dream take me years and years unpicked redo with very poor English, no one knit in the family and I did tried my best to teach my two sisters, one managed finish knitting a cadi and leave me finish the join up! I love see people knit, some knitter are very clever they do without pattern book, I am no good without the pattern. I have not touch my knitting needle for years but still dreaming to knit one day! When the mind are not so busy. Too much going on... The again and again is worth it. Not one minute sleep last Saturday working on this new blog. I'm nearly there... one more try one more try! I don't know how many times I had redo retried... still not 100 happy with the blog yet but will do for now. I will really go nut carry on to find out more how things work! Need a break now and thank GOD once more... not giving up have show some colour to my work. I am very please with this new blog and hope you like it too! Still got a lot to do yet and hope sharing this happy dream takes me back to some beautiful memories... Katy-Mei memories lane... believe him or not? I like to say thank you GOD once more! :-) Keep the dream going Katy-Mei, Don't give up!

Here is the link to: katymei-photoblog Still got alot to dream... Please feel free to leave your feedback or a comment. I appreciate it very much. Thank you for your visit!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Saturday, 4 October 2014

A dream I dream...

Writing this morning on facebook I like to share:

God, I just realised I don't need get ready for work, it's Saturday! Am I right? Yes, just checked my laptop, Been up just before 3, how many years I been a early bird now? May be learning to write online is the best option... I really want to write a book about my illness, my blogs. But I don't know how and my English is another reason keep put me off... worry people will laugh when they read my writing my story.
I gave up my after school clean, still keep my morning clean. But can it manage all the bills? I hope to have more times work on my cards, painting and writing, dreaming they can help me pay bills one day! Will they come true... I don't know! Just keep dreaming! It's the dreams keep me going now, otherwise what can I do, got to have dream to keep alive! But most the times... I waste times on my dreams... I feel useless but I do have days I talk to myself... yes, I can do it, give it another chance... GO, try it!
I am giving writing a good think, I hope to finish the book I dream one day...
I will open up all my old blogs again soon! Some post is a little hot n spice, but I will change its name, character or place. I don't need add to my dream book but those are the hot post. I hope my dream book will come true one day... remember small step Katy-Mei!!! And thank you for all my FB friends, blog friends your encouragement and kind words. Mei
Have a great weekend everyone!