Thursday, 30 May 2013

Yummy Duck feet...

Can you smell...


  1. Sorry my reader, didn't know the setting is changed. Here I am again... not been too well last few days, hope its picking up slowly, I am struggle with the yoyo but thank GOD... dream keep me going... true or not, I need to try and see... do I care what people think at my age... how much time we got left to do things we dream now... harry up Mei!

  2. Hi Mei!
    I was so happy to see now you can go with yoyo again.
    Please keep it up Mei!!
    I will thinking about you tonight!
    You have a good night sleep Mei's!!

  3. Thank you Michiko for your encouragement. Had a good sleep but too early and now up too early. :-( Used to it now... You have a good day too. Mei

  4. Ho Mei, I noticed your blog had "invited readers only" setting for a while, but glad I can see your page again :-) Thank you for your birthday wish for Goro. Your dish looks yummy and the picture in the back is very cute!

  5. Dear Mei,
    How are you? We having a raining for too long time but tomorrow one days ok.
    I think your dish are beautiful that is I enjoyed very much.
    See you soon Mei!

  6. Hi Mei!
    I hope I can write to you!
    As you know too much rains with so many days...
    I don't get playing golf for over 10 days.
    Now I'm enjoyed your nice foods in here...
    Have a good time Mei!!

  7. Hi Mei!
    Your photos are I like very much of your view full suge I hope you will have wonderful time for every days.
    I statrt of geting the ranes proved hard to understand happy writing in here...
    Have a nice day Mei's san...