Thursday, 11 April 2013


Hello everyone... just another update...
Must be another crazy morning... another dream... hope it work this time! :-)
Mei's steamy kitchen go charity... after watching a post on FB this morning...

I am giving my old dream out for another try. I know I am not much younger and health do eat up alot of my energy. But with all those lovely words l learn from FB... quotes from beautiful people. They give me hope and dreams. I know my illness and there are things it will never work on your own and I hate begging for help.

I am hoping I can carry on dreaming to get this wish come true... and it is really a selfish dream. Really... forgive me GOD! :-(

A dream to stop me worrying about getting old... no one to cook for me and I love my food! ;-) This is my part of story wishing Mei's steamy kitchen come true! LOL... But all those friends from GOD (illness) stop me carry on my dreams and begging for help don't seem to work.

I do wish this crazy old dream...

Offer free meal with volunteer's help to the old at home who come with friends and friend's friends.

I don't know what will it end up to this time with this crazy dream again... but just hoping I can make Mei's steamy kitchen work and make my time worth in this www and something to keep me going with days I feel empty. Still no news for my biopsy, no news is good news my friends said. Before climbing the ladder ... I like to give my last wish a try. Yes, here she go again! Have fun...


Mei said...

Working toward my wish... small step a day! Mei Mei :-) Good day my friends!

Michiko Johnson said...

Dear Meai!
Thank you very much to help me all the time.
I hope you will be ok.
I love to seeing Cute one.
Have a nice day!