Thursday, 25 April 2013

Last Wish update

One more try!. Another wish another hope...

Age and illness is a worry for keeping a job and running a business. Knowing it might be another chicken out, another fool to myself.  But I hope never give up will work once more. I am going to give this old dream another try... Mei's steamy kitchen... with help from friends and Volunteers. Hope this dream will help the age... to enjoy a good chatter with friends... good food and a happy heart in the comfort of Mei's own home.

Once a month... Mei's steamy kitchen will heat up a 2/3 course Sunday lunch to 4 guests for £? per person in the comfort of Mei's own home... a charity Sunday lunch! Every £ spend... ? pence will go to Plan A - a pick of the month charity. Plan B - age concern or Plan C - a trust... to help the age and need with food for thought. Mei appreciate your generous donations to keep the project running.

My aims to hope one day... I can help the age get out with friends for a fun day with good food and laugher! I hope one day my aim can reach to offer free food for the age with need. Mei thank you for those who support and your generously. Secondly I hope this project can give myself another dream come true...  :-)

The project run once a month to start with 4 guests (max 4) on a Sunday. Will run more day if there is enough helper/ volunteer/ funding and need. Taking will be sorted before quests leave and money will donate online to charity or trust.