Monday, 29 October 2012

Can anybody tell me what is What they do... is it a good site? I still don't know why I have another Mei's Steamy Kitchen in Netherland  and the whole blog is same as my blog in UK... strange... I hope I can find out the answer soon. I am not running the business anymore, I open up the blog have another reason... just want to sponse my art work over FAA- fine art america. And its a shame hiding my food blog... Its a lot of work I spend on this blog. OK, it didn't work out, well, its hardly been open to the public, I am just playing a little game with some friends... :-) It's a little sad and waste a lot of times, but I am still proud of what I did with the blog. Did look good aren't they? So, why not open it up to show off again... not just for myself! ;-) Makes me hungry now... wish this dream are running, no need to worry what to cook for myself... LOL...

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A post I found this morning... edited

Looking through some old file this morning, I found a post I saved in my document folder two years ago, it show part of my feeling for this Mei's steamy kitchen. I don't think I can run it now with my health on my own, but I still think its a very good idea to stay alive and earn a living with lots potential. Not like cooking very much myself, but I do love a few friends round for lunch or dinner now and then, miss the children too! Lots happy memories! The food I pick for Mei's steamy kitchen mostly are just prepared ready to cook meal, so there isn't much cooking to do, now and then may be a ready cooked to show off! ;-)

It's a dream... if it work, great! If not, So! I still think this dream is fun, at least got me on the local paper! :-)

Thank you everyone for all your kind words and support, I am still alive and kicking, working as hard as I can try, cleaning for people everyday... school, office, house to keep my mind busy, cooking isn't a job I can handle anymore, but I like to help if someone out there like the idea... I am still live in a dreamland. :-)

Below is an old post I written and saved on 24 Oct 2010, not sure I have it post on my blogs before or not, but like to share with you here today:

Not sure where to go next…

I am trying to work from home running a small business preparing frozen Cantonese ready meal delivery service. Hope it can support myself, because family matter, I moved out from father in-law’s house 3 years ago, where hubby, me and our daughter have been living under his roof for over 17 years, hubby don’t like leaving his dad on his own so he dump me on my own in my own flat, we are still hubby and wife, but live apart, he do care and do things for me in the flat, but i still hurts when I think about it. Many time I did think about going back, and I don’t have to worry about living on my own paying all the bills, and with no job, just a little help from my DLA how long I can carry on, each month nothing come in just out out… the hole is getting bigger and bigger. Did worked as cleaner for 9 months, but moved to a school cleaning job for longer hours had end up finish myself, I quit after 5 weeks, and I could not find any work since, 14 months… So, I thought if I can work for people, why don’t I start again with my old dream… and that is how Mei’s steamy kitchen turn to a dream come truth.

The name STEAMY KITCHEN is a trademark from USA, a tv chef call J H hit me down for a while with an email telling me not to use steamy kitchen, it’s her trademark,  but with encouragement from a business adviser, I am holding my ground, Mei’s steamy kitchen will carry on. It had take me some times to get this far, I had spent a lot of time doing my menu and labeling, cooking food, testing testing, repeating and repeating. And two weeks ago, I finally got the menu finish, hand out some to friends and had a order, just one but it’s a start, I am happy, but one week from last Monday, my mood had gone down hill so quick, everyday I said to myself get out the flat and do some walking with the menu, but don’t know why I didn’t hand out a single menu since I updated two week ago, just one order from a friend, and she is trying very hard to help me, she take my food to a bible study for lunch, but  how many like to make deal with this crazy dreamer. From all the job interview I went to and seeing the result, I am a no hope.

I know my condition I am in now, and I am not the same Mei anymore, with all those friends God keep shower on me. good or bad. I have done my homework, and I like some mark God! 

And finally… I don’t know its right time or too early to say or to mention, because I am thinking to give up. The real aim/goal for Mei’s steamy kitchen is to support a charity. Written on 14/10/2010.

Charity! Was a subject with my father in-law during my depression back in 2000, I was playing yoyo two years long. Halfway planning and design the menu, a friendship stir up my plan and mood. I let go the plan for Mei's frozen ready meals, I am a big head... to some, do I care what people think? I been thinking again this morning... going to get all my sisters and brothers together again, have another talk or another blow! They all looking for something to do now... life a little bore without work. I just want to give this old dream another try. I will be back with some recipe, my grammar! O dear, HELP!