Sunday, 10 July 2011

Cooking with Mei for fun for dream... with a chance for free!

Due to illness Mei give up hers dream. But still not giving up the hope the light... to carry on her dream, to see if there is still hope to show... willing to work hard and earning a living is still possible with this dream.

 It could work... if I was a little younger and have a healthy body and mind. I know I might be crazy and wasting time to write here again, but just to hope someone somewhere or people who like Chinese cooking and love what I try to do with this blog. Mei would like to give them a helping hand to start working for yourself and running a business in your own home, there is potential for the food trade and catering market and everything is ready to go, with no cooking or just a little and most the hardwork is ready.  Mei got it all planned. So, if anyone who like to work from home doing little cooking and want to run your own business at home. Mei would like to pass her life experience of her cooking to people who is willing to learn and take over her dream - a dream to show Mei's steamy kitchen can work from home to earn money to suport yourself and family. Contact Mei for more details. 

 Mei would like to help anyone who can take over this dream with honest and kind mind for free. Write a little about yourself Mei will get in touch with you for a informal chat. Thankyou!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Back to my father... edited

Due to illness this dream - "Mei's steamy kitchen" is hand back to my father - GOD!

Sorry father, for all those hard works and times I waste. I am happy now with a new job... but some people is like a black heart orange - pretty outside but black inside. My time-sheet from work been altered for weeks from a kind face workmate, no wonder my payslip look funny... keep thinking its the agent again. Never think of people can do that sort of things. WOW... this is the world that GOD create for us... it HURTS!!!!

Living with Polarbear GOD gave me is hard, want to give up that present manytimes... but "Your time is not due yet!" he said. "Back to your prison for more fun!" LOL! Thankyou father, you're very kind indeed.

Well, I tried hard to keep this as a business blog and not putting any personal stuff in it. But I just can't keep it up as a straight face. Anyway, Mei's steamy kitchen have never went out to the public for fun, I know I should but with my Polarbear friend keep visiting me... and with all other issue. I feel like running out of petrol. Even so, it's look like another failure, coming back and visiting here reading and looking at those yummy photos again... give me back some happy minutes... I love this blog and I am proud what I did or done or not done. Do I care what people think of me... at this moment! :-)

Yes, I love my Polarbear! I'm a lucky Polarbear! LOL!!!

Thankyou GOD!