Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Chance... for a free cooking lesson with Mei

Due to illness Mei give up hers dream. But still not giving up the hope... the light to carry on her dream... to see there is hope if people are willing to work hard and earn a living with this dream.

 It could work... if I was a little younger and have a healthy body and mind. I know I might be wasting time to write here again, but just to hope someone somewhere or people who like Chinese cooking and love what I try to do with this blog. Mei would like to give you a help to start working for yourself and running a business in your own home, there is potential for the food trade and catering market and everything is really to go, with no cooking or just a little cooking and most the hardwork is ready.  Mei got it all ready planned. So, if anyone who like to work from home doing little cooking run your own business. Mei would like to pass her life experience of her cooking to someone who is willing to learn and take over her dream - a dream to show Mei's steamy kitchen can work from home to earn money to suport yourself and family. Do as little or as much is all up to you. 

For a informal chat about free support and cooking lesson. Please sent an email with a little bit about yourself to:


michiko said...

It sound good that you go to the China, you were talking about from the last years?
I go to have a little brake for a week at the Fuji Island from here about four hurs by air which is not bad just suit me because I don't likes sitin in one spots LOL!

I really wishs your plants for in near future Mei.

I likes your photos of flowers and your dogs too.I would like do that in my space.
Take care,

My dog and me said...

Yes, an old post, just changed little bit again Thanks for your visit and kind words. When are you going to Fuji? 4 hrs not far, have a good trip Michiko. Mei

michiko said...

Thank you Mei,Next Tuesday which I really look forward to spend time with my younger son's familiy:-)
You take care Mei.