Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trademark story on echo

Mei's Steamy Kitchen is on today's echo 9/8/10.
A TRANSATLANTIC dispute over the similarity on business names with an USA tv chef.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Helper need, Dorset UK... accommodation can be arrange

Mei's Steamy Kitchen ready meals Dorset UK. Delivered Freshly Prepared frozen ready meals - ready for you to cook like a celebrity chef... for your friends and family. Also a selection or ready cooked meals for that Lizzy day. Mei is looking for a lady helper, if you like real Chinese food, love cooking, this is the chance for you to find out more about traditional Cantonese cooking, and maybe toward further to have your own business at home. Accommodation can be arrange. Interested? email your CV and tell me little more about yourself to: meis-steamykitchen@live.co.uk

Monday, 2 August 2010


This trademark infringement... is a pain for a while,  was just going to add a few cooked meals to add on my menu, but joining twitter, hoping it will give the business a push, but end up pain in the neck following a wrong person, who email me not to use Steamy Kitchen. its her trademark. It really give me a shock when I read her email, Yes, the name... but never thought she have the right to stop me using my own name, both the name aren't the same at all, one is "steamy kitchen.com" wrote a book call steamy kitchen, trademark registered? Not find in the search. And the other one call "Meis-steamy kitchen.co.uk" sell ready meal. Have she got the right to tell me not to use "Mei's steamy kitchen" for my ready meals? I been searching and email all the website that I can find on the Internet, CAB, Business Link, WIPO, solicitor to find out am I stepping her tail!

It put me off for awhile... keep thinking what shall i do? Many times I really want to quit, just let her be the kitchen Queen, I am to old and with all the illness pushing on me, can I cope all this on my own. Well, I will carry on... I want to use my last breath to give this crazy dream another try,  an email from my business adviser, told me to hold my ground, she will be seen simply to be a rich bully. I am just running a small business from my own kitchen at home in UK, and are not looking to impersonate with this woman or steal her business or reputation at all.

I don't know its right or wrong to put this pain out in here, but I really don't care, if it help me feel better, to get my pain away, I don't care who will get hurt now, I have to much inside I want to shout!! Please not to worry, this is just another moaning blog for Mei, I am giving up the name... Steamy...  hmm... need to think of something better, any idea? and WOW! A deputy chief reporter from a local news paper show interest on the trademark story, I click the wrong contact other day, they email me today for second times, not sure what to do yet... gosh! I will never have time to update my menu... Love to tell him about my other blog too... may be my dream book can come true as well, see... told you all again and again most my dream do come true in the end, it take time, Never give up your dream!  Come true or not, you done your best, let time heal...  edited