Sunday, 21 November 2010

Contemporary food versus traditional food

Someone  comment other day - my food are old fashion... people only like Contemporary food these day! Really? Even supermarket like M&S have Crispy parcel, King prawn rolls and pre-prepared sweet and sour chicken on their shelf, people are crazy about my Satay chicken. Waitrose and many others... also do a few of pre-prepared food for their busy costumers who don't have time for preparation.  People only like Contemporary food! May be truth... but depend on what age group...

I really don't understand what that someone try to tell me the other day... is there still a place for good traditional food these day??? Anyway, my hair, my cloths, now my foods they're all old fashion in her eye! What else I need to change to let her see I am following the world trends? I even following the latest trend... It's a modern trend... husband and wife living separately...

O! Yes, my attitude!!! That need changed too! Last two days my attitude had changed... I have a blog friend, his comments and words have wakes me up, I suddenly wake up from his video on facebook about a man run over by a car the word from him "FORGIVE" wakes me up! Forgive... the only way i can find happy or feel happy for myself is to forgive not just forget! So, now i learned, to free myself from anger is forgive... forgive all... father, father in-law, hubby, daughter, sisters, brothers and myself too, and my GOD! LOL... I'm trying and hope I can. Then I will be free from my pain... after all... hate will only add more pain.

Later... I will open up my old blog... I love my bipolar from WLS - Mei's Patch... a little taste of bipolar life! Hope you enjoy it...

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

"Mei's special" ... Braised Belly Pork with Taro Root (ready cooked)

Braised Belly Pork and Taro Root (ready cooked) - deep fried belly pork and Taro Root, slow cooked with Star Anise... in a rich sauce. £4.95..300g, To avoid disappointment please give Mei plenty notice, thank you.

20% off on all orders place before 29th October 2010. One offer per customer.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Trademark story on echo

Mei's Steamy Kitchen is on today's echo 9/8/10.
A TRANSATLANTIC dispute over the similarity on business names with an USA tv chef.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Helper need, Dorset UK... accommodation can be arrange

Mei's Steamy Kitchen ready meals Dorset UK. Delivered Freshly Prepared frozen ready meals - ready for you to cook like a celebrity chef... for your friends and family. Also a selection or ready cooked meals for that Lizzy day... is looking for a lady helper, if you like real Chinese food, love cooking, this is the chance for you to find out more about traditional Cantonese cooking, and maybe toward further to have your own business at home. Accommodation can be arrange. Interested email your CV and tell me little bit more about yourself to:

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Want to work from home? Be your own boss...

Looking for work...  a hobby... or just love cooking... and enjoy real Chinese food. This is your chance to learn all the secret of Traditional Chinese Cooking! And be your own boss. A chance you won't find anywhere else!

Informal 1 2 1 Cantonese cooking lessons. Mei's steamy kitchen - frozen ready meals is offering a chance to people who love cooking, and keen to learn all the secret about Chinese cooking for FREE (terms and conditions apply) Mei is looking for someone who love Chinese food, enjoy life, fun and easy to get on, accommodation can be arrange, this offer is hard to be miss, for more information please tell me little bit more about yourself in the contact form below this page. Thank you!

Monday, 2 August 2010


This trademark infringement... have gives me some pain for a while, was just going to add a few cooked meals to add on my menu, but joining twitter, hoping it might help or give the business a push, had end up a pain in the neck by following a wrong person, who email me not to use "Steamy Kitchen" Its her trademark. It really give me a shock when I read her email, Yes, the name... but never thought she have the right to stop me using my own name, both the name aren't the same at all, one is "steamy" a TV chef in USA, wrote a book call steamy kitchen - trademark registered? Not find in the search. And the other one call "Meis-steamy" sell ready meal. Have she got the right to tell me not to use "Mei's steamy kitchen" for my ready meals? I been searching and email all the website that I can find on the Internet, CAB, Business Link, WIPO, solicitor to find out am I stepping her tail!

It put me off for awhile... keep thinking what shall i do and many times I really want to quit, just let her be the kitchen Queen, I am to old and with all the illness pushing on me, can I cope all this on my own. Well, I will carry on... I want to use my last breath to give this crazy dream another try,  an email from my business advisor, who told me to hold my ground, she will be seen simply to be a rich bully. I am just running a small business from my own kitchen at home in UK, and are not looking to impersonate with this woman or steal her business or reputation at all.

I don't know its right or wrong to put this pain out in here, but I really don't care, if it help me feel better, to get my pain away, I don't care who will get hurt now, I have to much inside I want to shout... LOL! And not to worry this is just another Mei's moaning blog, I am giving up the name, steamy... hmm... need to think of something better, any idea? and WOW! A deputy chief reporter from a local news paper show interest on the trademark story, I click the wrong contact other day, they email me today for second times, not sure what to do yet... gosh! I will never have time to update my menu... Love to tell him about my other blog too... may be my dream book can come true as well, see... told you all again and again most my dream do come true in the end, it might take time, but don't give up hope, just keep on hoping! It might come... if not so what... you try your best, you aren't the worst in this WWW...

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A ten years dream... Mei's steamy kitchen

Never stop your dream! They give you hope, something to go forward... hope or no hope? You need to try, it's better just a empty mind, go for it Mei, do it for fun...

Was in a cross road again for a while, which road I should pick? With this trademark infringement... I nearly lost my way to home. But an email last night from my advisor had light up my hope again and the advice from friends really wake me up... had done so much to get this far... should give it a try... give it time to see...

And I just hope Mei's steamy kitchen have not passing off any steam... and steamy up other people's kitchen across the Ocean...