Sunday, 1 March 2015

To My Fans, Facebook friends and Readers

Hello Everyone... my Fans my Facebook friends my Readers! First thank you for all your interest and patience. I appreciate all your comments and supports. I know sometimes I let you people down, come and go like a yoyo with this blog! But, there are times I feel very lonely here with all my dreams, I am no hope with anything I want to do now. Waiting for God is my last dream, with all those friends God keep showering on me and all the medi I need to take, my battery eat up quick. I am struggle! Even just 2 hours office clean for the school is a hard task for me each morning, don't know how long I can keep that up now, been a cleaner 7 years since I left my family. Life is hard but I cope. Hate doing nothing with just 4 walls at home. I dream I dream! So many dreams I dream! Just hoping one day... another dream come true! Looking for help is like digging gold to me. No one like working wth Polarbear, no one believe Polarbear. I am no good with my mouth no good with IT, just can do a little writing blogging, scare like hell when things pop up now and them on the laptop, telling you this and that. There are times I really want to give up my laptop, my blog, facebook, find something else to do, waiting for GOD with small step! I also find, time with my laptop is doing no good with the health. I feel life is waste it. Time I can spend on other thing is drugging away fast. I am not making any promise now... I will try pop in now and them for a hello and may be a link from Katy-Mei photoblog. Thank you everyone for your interest and patience reading my writing. I will try not to play yoyo, I like to keep this blog open, there are some very nice memories I like to share with this w.w.w.! I am dreaming one day my dream book will finish to show you all. If GOD gives me the time! :-)