Monday, 22 December 2014

Retirement Plan

Sorry the blog been off for a few days, not feeling too well lately... keep thinking how will I cope with the shop stuff etc... mind isn't good enough now to cope with big stuff anymore, looks like this crazy dream is another SO... well, does it matter Katy-Mei? A healthy clear mind is important then the shop, looking for help is harder then dig gold. I need to stop dreaming for a shop on my new blog. Will keep it going just for fun with photos, photo to share with friends and family... with no moaning attached.

I found a leaflet other day at the adult learning centre about shelter living. Not so sure what is about, but the link look like can help what I am worry about... as days goes by... each day I feel closer to GOD, battery are going flat too quick, How long can I work as a cleaner? The need with people in a community will gives me more secure and comfort then being on my own. I hope I can have this new wish come true soon, its my new dream. Hubby don't like the idea... but there is no hope I can go back put up with there junk and mess living style, they will not change now, they got so used to it, and life will not be fun living with my own daughter under one roof. I love go home and help them to get the house back to a home but body battery can't cope anymore with their junk, I rather die, thank GOD father in-law didn't take my offer. I don't know how much time I will be a fit person to live in this world, I want to enjoy life and have some fun before time run out on me and not feeling lonely! I love to move in to a retirement community, have like mind people around me, keep up cleaning if I can and charity work. Hope this will help stop feeling lonely with just four wall. Never think of the word LONELY and don't understand what they really mean a few years back. I can put up get used to it this "lonely" word if my hubby is dead I am a widow or I am divorced. I moaned to my dear Hubby. We both don't want divorce. And he is a very nice caring man. It's hard to find another like him and put up with my polarbear. So I wait and wait... 7 years coming up now... the hope to have my hubby back is getting less and less and not so important now. Old man might live over 100. And they love their treasure(JUNKS) more then me now. I rather go to hell then put up with their junks! Can you give me something good for the new year coming GOD?