Sunday, 30 August 2015

I miss the fun...

Anybody understand the g+ number count on the top left corner from my HOME page? I don't. It was 0 before I take my summer break, but when I check in yesterday, it show 55k something on my home page, then drop back to 8.4k now. And the blog was private for a month. Wish Google teach us how to read their numbers. :-)

2015-09-01 05.55

2015-09-11 10.25
35k last night, but this morning... 74k! Google?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Summer break

Dear readers,

School Summer holiday is here...YES! No school clean! :-) The mood must be good lately, worry is not on the menu. I got lots little things I want to do during my school holiday... join a walking group, get back to reading, do more writing, knitting and painting, carry on dreaming... Wow! But the battery? Don't worry too much, worry won't make worry go away! Think of old dreams you dream, wake them up!  Take action! Don't day dream too much. And not too many flower petals! Think of peace lily...

I won't be doing anymore update with my blogs for the time being, you may all know, my boss is Polarbear! His in charge! :-) I hope it's something good worth to post when I come back. No hot n spice! 

PS: Mei's English is very poor, not really good for writing descriptions for my recipes and photos, There are times... I take hours and hours or days for just one word or sentence. I wrote fast when I have something to moan or in the mind. Description is not my cake. Can anybody help? Use the contact form below if you can help or have any idea to improve my blog. Thank you for reading!